Our Role

The Management Body of Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park was established according to the Law 3044/2002 in implementation of the laws 1650/1986 and 2742/1999.


About the Management Body of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park

The Management Body of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park (MB-RMNP) is a legal entity of the private sector, and is managed by a Board of Directors of seven (7) members. The composition of the Board was determined by the ministerial decision no ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΔΥ/20136/2793/5-3-2019 (Government Gazette No. 169 ΥΟΔΔ). Members of the Board are scientists and representatives of local entities (local government, civil services, production agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations etc.).

Mr. Stavros Kehagioglou, forester with the Forestry Service of Drama, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors, as a representative of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Dr. Elisavet Constantinidou, Forestologist, representative of the Scientific Society, was appointed Vice-President. Mr. Spiros Psaroudas, a representative for environmental NGOs, was appointed as Secretary.


The full composition of the Board is as follows: 





Stavros Kehagioglou - President

Forester - Forestry Service of Drama

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Elisavet Constantinidou - Vice President


Scientific community

Spyros Psaroudas-Secretary


Environmental NGOs

Alexandra - Marina Sotiriadou

Mayor of Paranesti

Ιnvolved municipalities

Kyriakoula Alatza - Papadopoulou

Regional Adviser of Xanthi

Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Ioannis Rautogiannis

Forester - Environmentalist

Academic community

Pantelis Papadopoulos


Local productive bodies


Maria Mitselou


Direction of Management of Natural environment and Biodiversity of

Ministry of Environment and Energy

Dionysios Granas


Scientific community

Spyros Koutras

Lieutenant Colonel of Fire Department

Environmental NGOs

Anastasios Hatzigiannis

Municipal Counsellor of Municipality of Drama

Ιnvolved municipalities

Mustafa Ismail Husse

Regional Counsellor of Rodopi

Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Georgios Diamantopoulos


Scientific community

Theodoros Avgitidis


Local productive bodies





























Territory of the Management Body of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park

The territory of the Management Body of RMNP was defined by its establishment ‘s law (3044/2002)  which coincides with the boundaries of the National Park of the Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park according to the ministry decision 40379/2009 (Government Gazette 445 D΄/02-10-2009) and the boundaries of five extra areas of the Natoura 2000 Network by the codes GR1260009, GR1150011, GR1260004, GR1150005 and GR1260005 (4519/2018).


Objectives of the Management Body of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park

The main objectives of the Management Body’s project are the protection, management and promotion of the Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park. To achieve these goals, a series of legislative, financial and administrative measures are necessary to be taken, in order to be the base of a series of positive actions and interventions, towards the direction of sustainable development and hence to the harmonic coexistence between the environment and human activities.

All these could be achieved by:

  • raising awareness and motivation of the stakeholders of the area
  • attracting visitors and promoting and highlighting the values of the protected area.
  • attracting scientists  and developing partnerships with research centers, university  foundations and non-governmental organizations.