Legal Framework of Protection

The huge significance of the ecosystems in Rodopi Mountain-range National Park (RMNP) had as result the subsumption of larger or smaller areas, of the park, into various lists of protected sites setting them under the protection of international, national laws, regulations and directives.

In particular, 7 areas of RMNP have been integrated into the Natura 2000 network according to the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC and 2009/147/EC (2 Special Protection Areas - SPA and 5 Special Areas of Conservation - SAC), 2 areas have been declared as Preserved Natural Monuments, 7 areas as Wildlife Reserves, according to the Greek law, and 3 regions have been characterized by the European Council as Biogenetic Stocks. Outside RMNP but in the jurisdiction of the Management Unit of Nestos-Vistonis & Rodopi National Parks (the Management Unit is under the management of the Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency - NECCA), there are also 3 SACs, 2 SPAs και 3 Wildlife Reserves (whole or in part, and only in the Prefecture of Drama).


Natura 2000 network

The institutionalized zones of protection which are included into the RMNP are the following:


Special Protected Areas (SPA)

Inside RMNP

  • GR1140008 «KENTRIKI RODOPI KAI KOILADA NESTOU» (106.422,82 ha)
  • GR1140009 «OROS FALAKRO» (24650,6 ha)

 Outside RMNP

  • GR1150011  part of the «OROS PANGAIO KAI NOTIES YPOREIES TOU» NATURA site (23967,46 ha)


Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

Inside RMNP

  • GR1120003 «OROS CHAINTOU - KOULA KAI GYRO KORYFES» (3378,32 ha)
  • GR1140001 «DASOS FRAKTOU» (7325,2 ha)
  • GR1140002 «RODOPI (SIMYDA)» (6939,92 ha)
  • GR1140003 «PERIOCHI ELATIA, PYRAMIS KOUTRA» (7221,36ha)
  • GR1140004 «KORYFES OROUS FALAKRO» (9964,32 ha)

 Outside RMNP

  • GR1150005 part of the «KORYFES OROUS PANGAIO» NATURA site (9043,65 ha)
  • GR1260005 part of the «KORYFES OROUS ORVILOS» NATURA site (2477,55 ha) NATURA site (2477,55 ha)


Preserved Natural Monuments

  • The old growth Forest of Frakto (550 ha)
  • Region of Tsichla (18 ha)


Wildlife refuges

Inside RMNP

  • River Nestos
  • Aetorachi
  • Frakto (Paranesti virgin forest)
  • Karyofyto forest (Tsanak Dere)
  • Drymos forest complex
  • Gerakas – Oreo
  • Neurokopi - Livadaki - Achladia – Volaka – Graniti (a part of)

 Outside RMNP

  • Xiropotamou-Petrousa (part)
  • Paggaiou Mountain (part)
  • Charitomeni- Kali Vrisi


European Network of Biogenetic Reserves

  • Natural monument of the Beech forest at the region of Tsichla – Chaidou in Xanthi (18Ha)
  • The old growth forest of Paranesti (500Ha)
  • The old growth forest of Central Rodopi (550Ha)


According to the Joint Ministerial Decision 40379/01-10-2009 and to the Greek law 1650/1986 the RMNP is divided,

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depending to the ecological significance of each area, to strict nature reserves, nature reserves and zones of special management.

The aforesaid zones are appeared in the following table:


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Strict nature reserve

Old Growth Forest of Frakto


Strict nature reserve

Natural monument of Tsichla


Strict nature reserve

Gyftokastro - Koula


Nature reserve

The area surrounding zone Α1


Nature reserve

The area surrounding zone Α2


Nature reserve

Aetorachi - Stravorema


Nature reserve

Sphagnum acid bogs at the area Kalyvia Koutra, Forest village of Elatia.


Nature reserve

Sphagnum acid bogs, Forest village of Elatia.


Nature reserve

Alnus incana forest, Ereipia Vathyrematos


Nature reserve

River bed and the river banks of Stravorema, subalpine and alpine meadows of Elatia


Special management area – Birch Forest

Simida Potamoi – Sidironero – Nestos River


Special management area – Spruce trees and Scots Pine Forests

Spruce tree and Scots Pine tree forests of high productivity at Elatia


Special management area of Falakro Mountain

Forest area of Falakro Mountain


Special management area of Nestos River

River bed and 500m from each side of the river bank of Nestos included the dam of Temenos, until the Greek – Bulgarian borders.


Special management area of Arkoudorema - Chaidou

The area of Arkoudorema - Chaidou


Special management area of connecting areas of RMRNP

Connection areas


Region of Sustainable management, use and development

Areas not included in the aforesaid areas