Surveillance - Guarding

The wider area of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park maintains a number of permanent residents and visitors, something which indicates the intense anthropogenic activities in the specific area. Nevertheless, though the jurisdiction of the Rodopi Mountain Range is characterized as a National Park with specific laws, very often illegal activities are noticed which affect directly the natural environment.


goal of the surveillance of the area is the monitoring and the record of the pressures and threats which are being practiced in the jurisdiction of the Rodopi Mountain Range National Park Management Body. According to the findings of the surveillance plan since 2009 up to today, there are activities which cause negative consequences on the rare ecosystems and on the natural landscapes of the area, a fact that indicates the necessity of the enforcement of surveillance and guarding plan in the National Park. The annual plan of surveillance and guarding which is being implemented, is under re-assessment each year so that any new data, observations and any kind of change that occurs, for example in the synthesis of the personnel, is being integrated in it. The incidents that take place during the patrols of the wildlife officers are being recorded in a special data base from which statistics can be exported. However, the responsibilities of the wildlife officers department don’t stop to the threats and pressures that are met in the Rodopi Mountain Range National Park. Considering the fact that the wildlife officers of the Rodopi National Park are specially trained stuff, they are able to take part in every action that the Management Body plans.

Some of these actions are:

  • The collection of wildlife-indicating evidence
  • The contact and informing of the residents of the Rodopi Mountain Range National Park
  • The participation in various events and the informing of the participants about their safe stay within the park
  • Active participation in emergency situations in co-ordination with the relevant services
  • The collection of data for the MBRMR studies

For these purposes the Rodopi Mountain Range Management Body occupies one (1) person in charge of surveillance – guarding, six (6) specialized wildlife officers, four (4) off-road vehicles and special field equipment.